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What is behind your "Natural Beauty"..?

The expression "natural beauty" now appears in every article about cosmetics and skincare. Reflects on where the pursuit of an ideal appearance will lead us.

“Trends require us to be natural. The main thing is to be aware of it in time because until recently we loved Kim Kardashian and sculpting, but now no longer, sorry.

Girls MAKE UP Set: How chose to Make up for your natural beauty?

Be natural, says a fashionable beauty blogger from YouTube, whose name is still useless to remember because a more fashionable beauty blogger will soon appear. Makeup for every day should be light, simple and inconspicuous, says the beauty blogger. Nude. Bare face effect. This makeup is perfect for work; it can be done quickly in the morning.

First, apply a moisturizer to your face, let it soak in, then a moisturizer to moisturize the moisturizer, and another moisturizer, because there is never too much moisture. In general, a beauty blogger is distinguished by a special vocabulary from the words moisturizing healthy glow, texture, and hammering movements,

 Makeup Collection: How to find makeup collection suitable for your natural beauty?

After we have hydrated all the moisturizers, it's time for the primer. Everything is simple here: green primer - for red areas, red - for green, yellow - for purple, purple - for yellow and orange - just like that, for beauty. Driving in, sorry, movements. Next is a leveling pink primer, because we want a natural and healthy complexion, otherwise, why are we all here. After all the primers, we apply a foundation, preferably in two shades, because the skin does not have the same color, but we need naturalness. Don't forget about hammering movements.


Appliance makeup: How to Apply Makeup for Natural Beauty?


Also, a concealer and concealer - and if you don't know how one differs from the other, then what to talk to you about at all. A little creamy blush for freshness, a highlighter for a healthy glow, a bronzer to avoid being too pale, that's unnatural, and we want it the other way around.

If you feel that everything is starting to drip onto your chest, spray on top with a special spray that sticks makeup to your face. For those who have already applied the highlighter, but are not yet late for work at least for a lunch break, there is no good news: we will have natural eye makeup.

On the moving eyelid, you need to apply one shade of shadows, on the motionless - another, twitching eyelid - hold it with your hands. Remember: shadows should be natural colors, but with a slight shimmer to add a natural glow to the eyes, and, of course, no glitter (hussars, be quiet!).


Now you need to apply mascara to your eyelashes so that it looks like you did not paint your eyelashes with mascara, but everyone understood that you, of course, applied mascara to your eyelashes, just very natural. At this stage, the beauty blogger usually becomes silent, because she paints her eyes with her mouth open.

Don't forget about eyebrows! Eyebrows are an important accent in makeup, some beauty bloggers like to say that eyebrows are a “face accessory,” whatever the hell that means. Eyebrows should be washed with shampoo, combed, kissed, painted with shadows, pencil, fondant, and laid on top with gel. They should be moderately thick, wide and dark, but still, look completely natural.

Beauty Queen Cosmetics: What is Professional cosmetology for Natural Beauty?

Because we smooth out the wrinkle, we will not grow old more slowly - this is a fact. But modern cosmetology allows us to look younger. About anti-age trends and how the ways of rejuvenation have changed over 20 years.

  recently the aesthetic side of the issue has changed because until recently there was a period with hypertrophied lips and cheekbones - then drugs were only allowed to be done in this way. Those "victims of cosmetology" remain victims: often these polymers can only be removed surgically.

Now we have accumulated sufficient experience in the use of drugs, which, moreover, have become of better quality: for example, there are lines of delicate fillers for different areas of the face and drugs that need to be injected strictly at the indicated points - the face instantly becomes younger and fresher. If injections stimulate collagen production, add volume to the right places, and block active facial expressions, then skincare procedures work with the quality of the skin.


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