Epic Dog Retractable Extending Lead Leash Soft Grip Long Reach

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The nylon ribbon is well-built, which is very nice for you to walk an active and kicking dog. Never have issues with tangles or twists. The thumb press position and activation is very ergonomic. The "brake" and "release" feature make it more reliable. It has a one-handed operation of the locking mechanism.


Material: Nylon

Item: Dust Collector

Color: Multi-Color

Handle type: Anti-Slip

Specific uses: Outdoor, Suitable for adult pets

Special features: Flexible, Retractable, Easy to use, Flexible

The black handle is not soft foam but sturdy plastic, and it is slightly textured so the handle is easier to hold onto when wet. A bigger hand loop would hardly be noticeable to people with smaller hands but a huge boon to those with slightly bigger hands. The opening is so uncrossed that the leash is allowed to extend and retract in a wide array of angles without binding. The sturdy clasp makes it easier and safer to equip your dog with a collar with this tiny but sturdy hook.

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